Steroids: Why You Should Stay Vigilant

In the mission to look and feel fit and strong, there are people who often venture down a dangerous road. Because the key to attaining an attractive physique with the amount of muscle definition and toning we deem apt for ourselves and ensuring our body can progress to the level of optimum performance involves a great deal of hard work, determination and mental discipline, the very goal demands one to push themselves to their limits. This phenomena has been a primary reason for fitness fanatics, gym enthusiasts and athletes to to turn to what we know as Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs or APEDs. Anabolic-androgenic steroids, more commonly referred to as “steroids” are synthetically manufactured form of the naturally occurring testosterone hormone in the male human body. While the mention of “steroids” may first and foremost make the reader think about its uses in bodybuilding and to attain superior athletic performances, it is important to understand that it steroids are also used to address medical conditions for patients with anemia and to help those who have suffered from major illness, accidents or infections to gain weight. However, usage of steroids to enhance appearance and performance among body-building enthusiasts and athletes is a common occurrence which is why the word “steroids” has gained a notorious reputation among the general population. The usage of anabolic buy steroids australia is also popularly associated with muscle dysmorphia among males. While its use can do wonders in enhancing an individual’s level of strength and confidence, it can also fail the user from noticing some of the critical, long lasting and sometimes unrestorable damages it can cause. Steroids when abused or used in longevity can have cause serious side effects like untimely heart attacks, liver tumors, strokes, kidney failure and other psychiatric problems. Ceasing usage can also come with its own set of problems like depression, weakness and severe fatigue among other things. Misuse and abuse of steroids have also caused death in rare cases. An example of this can be made from the tragic case of the late American body-builder Rich Piana who openly claimed to have been using steroids to enhance his performance from the young age of 18. The former Mr. California died at the age of 46 due to “significant heart disease” with his heart and liver weighing over twice the size of a normal human male’s. The condition of his death is heavily suggestive of his 30 year use of steroids as experts say its usage to this degree could wreak havoc to a person’s brain and heart, serious effects taking over 20 years to manifest. Keeping in mind these facts and events, it needs to be understood that while anabolic-androgenic steroids may work extraordinarily to increase muscle mass and strength and cause the user to excel in levels of fitness and performance, it should not be considered as a shortcut to achieving what are almost unrealistic expectations from the human body. While it may not risk the health of all users in the same way, steroids are synthetic, foreign substance which when injected can cause drastic side effects and damage at any dose. Deciding to use steroids is a severe decision that must be taken with the utmost care and thought as it can undoubtedly do more harm than good to the user.

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